Are Bradford Pear Trees Good for Firewood?

No, Bradford Pear Trees are not good for firewood. The wood is difficult to split and burns quickly.

Spitting Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear tree is a beautiful, flowering tree that is commonly found in the southeastern United States. While they are lovely to look at, many people wonder if they make good firewood. The short answer is yes, Bradford Pear trees make excellent firewood.

They burn hot and long, and produce very little smoke. In fact, Bradford Pear wood is often used by professional smokers to flavor meats! So if you have a Bradford Pear tree on your property and are looking for a good use for it, consider chopping it up for firewood.

Your fireplace will thank you!

How Long Does It Take for Bradford Pear Wood to Dry

When it comes to drying Bradford pear wood, there is no definitive answer. Depending on the thickness of the lumber and the moisture content of the air, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. The best way to ensure that your wood dries properly is to stack it in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

You should also check the moisture content periodically with a moisture meter to make sure that it is not drying too quickly or too slowly.

Are Bradford Pear Trees Good for Firewood?


Is a Bradford Pear Tree Hard Or Soft Wood?

A Bradford pear tree is a deciduous tree that is classified as having hard wood. The wood of the Bradford pear tree is strong and dense, making it a durable choice for furniture and other woodworking projects. The hardness of the wood also makes it difficult to cut and shape, so it is not the best choice for carving or detailed work.

What Can Bradford Pear Wood Be Used For?

Bradford pear wood is a popular choice for furniture and cabinetry because of its hardness, durability and beauty. The wood is also used for flooring, paneling and molding.

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How Long Does It Take Pear Wood to Dry Out?

It takes pear wood around 6-8 months to dry out. The time it takes for your specific piece of pear wood to dry out will depend on a few factors, such as the size and thickness of the piece, the type of wood, how wet it was when you started drying it out, and the climate conditions in your area. You can speed up the drying process by splitting the log into smaller pieces, or by cutting it into thin slices or chunks.

You can also help prevent cracking and warping by keeping the wood in a warm, dry place with good air circulation.


No, Bradford pear trees are not good for firewood because they burn quickly and produce a lot of sparks.

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