Are Whataburger Fries Gluten Free?

Whataburger is a Texas-based fast food chain that specializes in burgers and fries. The company has over 800 locations in the United States, making it one of the largest burger chains in the country. Whataburger is known for its large, thick hamburgers and golden-fried french fries.

For many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, eating out can be a challenge. Thankfully, more and more restaurants are offering gluten-free options. So, are Whataburger fries gluten free?

Many people are surprised to learn that Whataburger fries are not gluten free. While the company does not use any wheat products in their fryers, they do use a shared fryer for both their french fries and their onion rings. This means that there is a chance of cross contamination for those with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance.

For this reason, Whataburger does not recommend their fries for those with a severe gluten allergy.

Severe Gluten Allergy

Which Fast Food French Fries are Gluten-Free?

McDonald’s french fries are gluten-free. However, their hash browns and chicken nuggets are not. Burger King’s french fries are also gluten-free.

Wendy’s french fries are not gluten-free, but their baked potato is. Chick-Fil-A’s waffle potato frites and hash browns are both gluten-free, as well as their grilled nuggets.

Does Whataburger Have Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns?

No, Whataburger does not have gluten-free hamburger buns. However, they do have a few other options for those with a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. The first option is to get your burger without a bun.

This means that you will just have the patty and toppings on a lettuce wrap. Another option is to bring your own gluten-free bun from home and ask them to make your burger inside of it. Finally, you can also order one of their salads without meat or croutons and add a burger patty to it.

Are Chick-Fil-A Fries Gluten-Free?

Chick-fil-A’s fries are not gluten-free. However, they do offer a number of other options for those with gluten sensitivities. Chick-fil-A’s Grilled Nuggets are gluten-free as well as their grilled chicken sandwich (without the bun).

For sides, they offer a fruit cup, side salad, or hash browns (also available as breakfast).

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Are Whataburger French Fries Dairy Free?

Whataburger french fries are not dairy free. They are made with a blend of vegetable oils, which may include soybean and/or cottonseed oil.

Are Whataburger Fries Gluten Free?


Are Whataburger Sauces Gluten Free

If you’re a fan of Whataburger, you might be wondering if their sauces are gluten free. The answer is yes! All of Whataburger’s sauces are gluten free, so you can enjoy your favorite meals without having to worry about any unwanted ingredients.

Whataburger Allergen Menu Pdf

Whataburger Allergen Menu Pdf If you have a food allergy, check out Whataburger’s allergen menu! This PDF provides detailed information on what ingredients are in each of their menu items, as well as which items may contain allergens.

Does Whataburger Have Gluten-Free Options

Whataburger does not currently have any gluten-free options on their menu. However, they do have a few items that are naturally gluten-free, such as their french fries and hash browns. For those with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, Whataburger recommends that you bring your own food or order one of their plain burgers without the bun.


Whataburger is a fast food chain that originates from Texas. They are known for their burgers, but they also serve fries. People who have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant may be wondering if Whataburger’s fries are safe for them to eat.

According to Whataburger’s website, their french fries are indeed gluten free. This is good news for those who have to avoid gluten in their diet. However, it should be noted that the fries are fried in the same oil as items that contain wheat flour.

So, there is a chance of cross contamination. If you have a severe allergy or intolerance to gluten, you may want to avoid eating the fries at Whataburger.

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