Can I Put Orange Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

Yes, you can put orange peels in the garbage disposal. Just make sure to cut them up into small pieces first so they don’t get stuck in the blades.


  • Take a look at your garbage disposal to see if there is anything blocking the blades
  • If there is, use a plunger or pliers to remove it
  • Cut up the orange peels into small pieces using a knife or citrus zester
  • Turn on the cold water faucet and let it run for a few seconds before turning on the garbage disposal
  • Feed the pieces of orange peel into the garbage disposal one at a time while running cold water through it
  • Let the garbage disposal run for 30-60 seconds after all of the peelings have been fed through it then turn off both the disposal and water faucets

Is It Ok to Put Lemon Rinds in the Garbage Disposal

If you’re wondering whether it’s okay to put lemon rinds in the garbage disposal, the answer is yes! Lemon rinds can actually be beneficial for your garbage disposal. The citric acid in lemons can help to clean and deodorize your disposal.

Simply run some cold water and drop the rinds down the drain. You can do this once a week or as needed.

Can I Put Orange Peels in the Garbage Disposal?


Can You Put Citrus Rinds in Garbage Disposal?

There are a lot of people out there who love the smell of citrus and think that it would be great to have that smell in their garbage disposal. After all, what could be better than getting rid of stinky garbage while also making your kitchen smell amazing? Unfortunately, while it might seem like a good idea, putting citrus rinds in your garbage disposal is actually a really bad idea.

Here’s why: The first reason is that citrus rinds can actually damage your garbage disposal. The acidity in the rinds can eat away at the blades, dulling them over time.

In addition, the rinds can get caught in the grinders and cause clogs. And if you’ve ever had a clogged sink before, you know how much of a pain that can be!

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The second reason is that even though citrus smells great, it doesn’t do anything to actually clean your sink or dispose of odors.

So while your kitchen might smell nice for a little while, it won’t take long for the stink to come back. Citrus rinds may mask odors temporarily, but they’re not going to get rid of them completely. So what should you do with those leftover citrus peels?

You can compost them, use them as fire starters, or even make homemade cleaning supplies with them! But whatever you do, don’t put them down the drain – trust us, your garbage disposal will thank you for it.

How Do You Dispose of Orange Peels?

Most people don’t think twice about throwing away orange peels, but there are actually many ways to dispose of them other than in the trash. Here are a few ideas for how to get rid of orange peels: 1. Add them to your compost pile.

Orange peels break down quickly and add valuable nutrients to your compost. 2. Use them as mulch in your garden. Spread orange peels around your plants and they’ll help keep weeds at bay while also providing some extra nourishment for your plants.

3. Make citrus-infused vinegar. Soak orange peels in white vinegar for a few weeks and you’ll have a delicious, fragrant vinegar that can be used in cooking or cleaning. 4. Dry them out and use them as potpourri or air fresheners.

Simply place dried orange peels in a bowl or jar and enjoy the fresh, citrusy scent they provide. 5. Feed them to your backyard chickens (if you have any). Chickens love eating fruit and vegetable scraps, so give them your leftover orange peels and they’ll be happy campers!

Can I Put Lemon Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

You can put lemon peels in the garbage disposal, but it’s not the best idea. The acidity of lemon can cause corrosion to the blades and over time will shorten the life of your garbage disposal. If you do put lemon peels in the garbage disposal, be sure to run plenty of cold water while it’s running to neutralize the acid.

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What Should You Not Put in Garbage Disposal?

If you’re like most people, your garbage disposal is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. It’s responsible for grinding up all kinds of food waste so it can be washed down the drain. But even though it’s built to handle a lot, there are still some things you should never put in your garbage disposal.

Here’s a look at five of them: 1. Grease and oil – These liquids can solidify in your pipes and create clogs. They can also cause your garbage disposal to malfunction.

2. Coffee grounds – They might seem harmless, but coffee grounds can actually accumulate over time and create clogs. Plus, they don’t grind up as easily as you might think. 3. Fruit pits and seeds – These hard objects can damage the blades of your garbage disposal and cause serious problems.

4. Bones – No matter how small they are, bones should never go down your garbage disposal because they can get stuck and break the blades.


Most people don’t know that you can actually put orange peels in the garbage disposal! Orange peels are a natural deodorizer, so they can help to keep your disposal smelling fresh. Plus, the citrus oils in the peel can help to break down any food scraps that are stuck in the disposal.

Just be sure to run some cold water while the disposal is running, as this will help to keep the orange peels from clogging it up.

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