Can You Buy Disney Rice Krispie Treats Online?

No, you cannot buy Disney Rice Krispie Treats online. However, you can find many recipes online for how to make them at home.

  • Go to the website of your chosen retailer
  • Find the search bar and type in ‘Disney Rice Krispie Treats’
  • A list of results will come up and you can select the specific product you want to buy
  • Add the item to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  • Follow the prompts to enter your shipping information and payment method
  • Review your order summary and submit it for processing
Can You Buy Disney Rice Krispie Treats Online?


Can You Have Disney Treats Shipped?

Disney treats are some of the most iconic snacks in the world. From Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels to Dole Whip, there’s no shortage of sweet and savory options to choose from. But can you have Disney treats shipped?

Unfortunately, due to food safety regulations, Disney is not able to ship any food items. This includes both packaged and unpackaged snacks. So if you’re hoping to get your hands on some Disney goodies from afar, you’ll need to make a trip to one of their theme parks or resorts.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. If you’re lucky enough to know someone who works for Disney, they may be able to snag you a few packaged snacks as a souvenir. And if you happen upon an unofficial Disney merchandise seller online, they may offer shipping on certain food items (though we wouldn’t recommend buying from them).

But generally speaking, when it comes to getting your hands on Disney treats, you’ll need to travel to where they’re sold. Luckily, with locations all around the world, there’s sure to be a Disneyland or Walt Disney World near you!

How Much is a Rice Crispy Treat at Disney World?

If you’re looking for a sweet treat while at Disney World, you may want to try a rice crispy treat. These treats can be found at various locations throughout the park and typically cost around $4.50 each. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change, so be sure to check before purchasing.

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Did Rice Krispie Treats Cereal Get Discontinued?

Rice Krispie Treats cereal was discontinued in 2006.

Are Disney Rice Krispie Treats Gluten Free?

Yes, Disney Rice Krispie treats are gluten free. The ingredients in the treats are: rice cereal, marshmallows, butter, and vanilla extract. These ingredients are all naturally gluten free.

Chef Dave | Mickey's Rice Krispie Treats | Inspired Walt Disney World Confectionary | KrispySmore

Disney Treats Shipped

Do you have a Disney lover in your life? Or maybe you’re a Disney fan yourself! Either way, you’ll be excited to know that you can now get Disney treats shipped right to your door.

There are lots of different types of treats available, including Mickey Mouse shaped cookies, cupcakes decorated with Disney characters, and even giant lollipops. The best part is that these treats are all made with high-quality ingredients and they taste great too! If you’re looking for a unique gift for a special occasion or just want to enjoy some delicious Disney snacks, then head over to the website and place an order today.

You won’t be disappointed!


If you’re a fan of Disney’s Rice Krispie Treats, you may be wondering if you can buy them online. Unfortunately, at this time Disney does not sell their Rice Krispie Treats online. However, there are a few ways that you can get your hands on some of these treats.

One option is to purchase them at the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort. You can also find some recipes online that will allow you to make your own Disney-inspired Rice Krispie Treats at home.

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