Can You Replay Chapters in Stray?

Yes, you can replay chapters in Stray. You can access the chapter select screen from the main menu. From there, you can choose to replay any chapter that you have already completed.

  • To replay chapters in Stray, first select the chapter you wish to replay from the main menu
  • Once you have selected the chapter, a new menu will appear with the option to “Replay Chapter
  • ” Select this option and confirm your choice
  • The chapter will then restart from the beginning, allowing you to play through it again
Can You Replay Chapters in Stray?


How Do You Replay Missions on Stray?

There are two ways to replay missions in Stray. The first is to simply select the mission you want to replay from the main menu. The second way is to go into the “Extras” menu and select “Replay Mission”.

This will allow you to choose from any of the missions you have completed thus far.

Does Stray Have Replayability?

Yes, Stray does have replayability! In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to replay the game. Maybe you want to try out a different playstyle, or maybe you want to see all the possible endings.

There are also plenty of secrets and Easter eggs to discover on subsequent playthroughs. Whether you’re a completionist or just looking for some extra fun, Stray is definitely worth revisiting.

How Many Chapters are in the Game Stray?

There are a total of 24 chapters in the game Stray.

How Long Does Stray Take to Finish?

Stray is a short game, taking place over the course of just a few hours. However, there are multiple endings and side-quests that can lengthen the experience. Players who want to see everything the game has to offer could easily spend 10 hours or more exploring its open world.

How To Unlock Chapter Select – Stray

Can You Go Back to Previous Chapters in Stray

No, you cannot go back to previous chapters in Stray. However, you can use the chapter select feature to start from any Chapter 1 that you have unlocked.

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“Can You Replay Chapters in Stray?” is a question that has been asked by many gamers. The answer to this question is unfortunately, no. There is no way to replay chapters in the game “Stray”.

This means that if you want to go back and change something that you did or said, you will have to start the game all over again from the beginning.

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