Can You Save the Sunbeam?

The sunbeam can be saved by using a reflector to redirect its light back into space. This will prevent the sunbeam from reaching the Earth’s surface and causing harm.

Saving the Sunbeam! The TRUE Alternate Ending

  • Look for a sunbeam to save
  • Find a container that will fit the sunbeam comfortably
  • Place the sunbeam in the container
  • Put the lid on the container, making sure it is secure
  • Find a place to keep the container safe and out of direct sunlight

Subnautica Sunbeam Wreck Location

The Sunbeam is a large wreck in the game Subnautica. It is located on the seabed in an area known as the Dunes. The wreck is surrounded by a field of debris, making it difficult to find.

However, there are several ways to locate the Sunbeam. One way to find the Sunbeam is to look for its distinctive silhouette. The Sunbeam is a large ship, and its outline is easy to spot against the background of the seabed.

Another way to find the wreck is to look for its location on your map. The map in Subnautica shows all of the wrecks that have been discovered, and the Sunbeam will be marked with a red icon. Once you have found the wreck, you can explore it at your leisure.

There are many rooms and corridors to investigate, and you may even find some valuable treasure hidden among the wreckage!

Can You Save the Sunbeam?


Can You Stop the Sunbeam from Exploding?

No, you cannot stop the Sunbeam from exploding. The Sunbeam is a star and will eventually run out of fuel. When it does, it will collapse under its own weight and then explode in a supernova.

Does Sunbeam Rescue You in Subnautica?

No, Sunbeam does not rescue you in Subnautica. In the game, you are stranded on an alien planet and must find a way to survive and escape. Sunbeam is a robotic companion that you can find and build, but it does not have the ability to rescue you from the planet.

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What are You Supposed to Do After the Sunbeam Gets Shot Down?

After the Sunbeam gets shot down, you are supposed to land as soon as possible. If you cannot land, you should deploy your parachute and brace for impact.

Can You Save Sunbeam Subnautica Reddit?

Yes, you can save Sunbeam in Subnautica. To do so, simply go to the game’s main menu and select “Save Game.” From there, you will be able to choose which save file you would like to overwrite.


Is the sunbeam in danger? Some people think so. They say that the sunbeam is slowly dying and that we need to do something to save it.

Others say that the sunbeam is just fine and there’s no need to worry. So, what’s the truth? Can we really save the sunbeam?

Let’s take a closer look.

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