Can You Touch the Neutral Bus Bar?

Yes, you can touch the neutral bus bar. The neutral bus bar is a conductor that is used to connect the grounded (neutral) conductor to the system. The neutral bus bar is usually located at the service entrance or near the main electrical panel.

  • Locate the main electrical panel for your home or business
  • This is typically located in a basement, utility room, or garage
  • Open the door to the main panel and identify the neutral bus bar
  • This bar is usually labeled “neutral” or “ground
  • ” It may also be a different color than the other bus bars in the panel
  • Place one hand on the neutral bus bar and use your other hand to touch a metal screw or grounding rod that is connected to the earth
  • This will complete the circuit and allow any excess electricity to flow harmlessly into the ground instead of through your body

Why Neutrals & Grounds are Connected in a Main Panel

Can Ground And Neutral Be on the Same Bar in Main Panel

If you have a main panel with more than one circuit breaker, the answer is most likely yes. The NEC does not require that ground and neutral be on separate bars in the main panel, but it does give some guidance as to when it might be necessary. In general, if all of the breakers in the main panel are of the same type (e.g., they are all 20-amp breakers), then it is probably okay to have ground and neutral on the same bar.

However, if there are different types of breakers in the main panel (e.g., 15-amp and 20-amp breakers), then it is probably best to have ground and neutral on separate bars. This will help ensure that each breaker gets its own dedicated circuit path back to the grounding busbar.

Can You Touch the Neutral Bus Bar?


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What Happens If You Touch a Busbar?

If you touch a busbar, you will likely receive an electric shock. This is because busbars are made of metal and conduct electricity. When electricity flows through a conductor, it creates a magnetic field.

This magnetic field can induce an electric current in another nearby conductor, which is what happens when you touch a busbar. The current flowing through your body can cause muscle contractions, heart arrhythmias, and even death.

What Happens If You Touch the Neutral Wire?

If you touch the neutral wire, you will complete the circuit and become a human conductor. This is because the human body is mostly water, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. The current flowing through your body can cause burns, muscle spasms, and even heart failure.

Does the Neutral Bar Carry Voltage?

In a three-phase electrical system, the neutral bar carries voltage. This is because the current in the neutral conductor is the vector sum of the currents in the other two conductors. The magnitude of this voltage is equal to the line voltage multiplied by the square root of 3 (1.732).

Can You Ground to the Neutral Bar?

Yes, you can ground to the neutral bar. The purpose of grounding is to provide a safe path for electrical current to follow in the event of a fault or short circuit. Grounding provides a low-resistance path to redirect any stray electrical current away from people and equipment and into the earth, where it dissipates harmlessly.


The answer to this question is a resounding no! The reason being is that the neutral bus bar is part of your home’s electrical system and it carries the return current from all of the devices in your home back to the main panel. If you were to touch the neutral bus bar, you would be placing yourself in harms way as you would be coming into contact with live electricity.

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