Do the Amish Smoke Weed?

No, the Amish do not smoke weed.

No, the Amish do not smoke weed. Weed is a banned substance in the Amish community and is strictly forbidden. The Amish believe that smoking weed is a sin and goes against their religious beliefs.

Do Amish Smoke and Drink? You Might Be Surprised!

Can Amish Smoke

The Amish are a conservative Christian group who have many unique customs and traditions. One of these is that they do not allow the use of tobacco in any form. This includes smoking cigarettes, cigars, and using chewing tobacco.

The Amish believe that tobacco is harmful to the body and mind, and so it is banned within their community. Anyone caught using tobacco will be subject to disciplinary action from the church.

Do the Amish Smoke Weed?


Why Do the Amish Smoke Weed

The Amish are a conservative Christian group that originated in Switzerland. They are known for their simple lifestyle and traditional values. One of the most notable aspects of Amish culture is their refusal to use modern technology, including electricity and automobiles.

The Amish have been smoking weed for centuries. It was first introduced to them by Native Americans, who taught them how to grow and use the plant for medicinal purposes. Weed has always been used as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments in Amish communities.

It is also smoked recreationally, though this is less common. There are a few reasons why the Amish smoke weed. First, it helps them relax and enjoy life despite the hard work they do every day.

Second, it allows them to connect with nature and appreciate its healing properties. Finally, smoking weed is seen as rebellious act against society’s rules and conventions – something that appeals to many young people in Amish communities.

What are the Benefits of Smoking Weed for the Amish Community

The Amish community is a religious group that lives apart from the rest of society, shunning modern technology and living a simple, agrarian lifestyle. Despite their reputation for being conservative and traditional, the Amish have been known to smoke weed on occasion. While marijuana use is technically against Amish law, it is not heavily enforced and many Amish people do smoke weed recreationally.

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There are several reasons why smoking weed may be beneficial for the Amish community. For one, marijuana is a relaxant and can help to ease stress and anxiety. This can be especially helpful for those who live a demanding lifestyle like the Amish.

Additionally, marijuana has been shown to have medicinal benefits such as relieving pain and nausea. This can be helpful for those who suffer from chronic conditions or illnesses. Finally, smoking weed can simply be enjoyable and provide a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday life in the Amish community.

Overall, there are many potential benefits to smoking weed for the Amish community. While it is technically against their religion, many Amish people do smoke weed recreationally with no negative consequences. Marijuana use can help to relieve stress and anxiety, offer medicinal benefits, and provide a much-needed break from everyday life.

How Does Smoking Weed Affect the Amish Way of Life

The Amish way of life is one that is simple, peaceful and hard-working. It is a lifestyle that has been passed down for generations and it is one that the Amish take great pride in. One of the key aspects of the Amish way of life is their religion.

The Amish are a deeply religious people and their faith is very important to them. One of the things that the Amish forbid is smoking tobacco. They believe that tobacco is a harmful substance and it goes against their beliefs to use it.

However, there are some Amish who do smoke weed. While this may seem like something that would go against their way of life, it actually doesn’t have as big of an impact as you might think. Weed isn’t something that the Amish grow or use themselves, so it’s not like they’re breaking any of their own rules by smoking it.

And while smoking weed may be considered sinful by some members of the community, it’s not something that’s frowned upon by everyone. In fact, many Amish people see smoking weed as no different than drinking alcohol – something that can be done in moderation and isn’t necessarily bad for you.

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So while smoking weed may not be accepted by all members of the Amish community, it doesn’t really affect the overall way of life for most people.


The Amish are known for their simple lifestyle and shunning of modern conveniences, but what about their relationship with drugs and alcohol? Do the Amish smoke weed? It turns out that there is no simple answer to this question.

While the Amish religion does forbid the use of tobacco, there is no mention of cannabis in the Amish Ordnung (the set of rules that governs Amish life). This means that technically,Amish people are allowed to smoke weed if they so choose. However, it’s important to note that the Amish community is very tight-knit, and breaking any of the Ordnung’s rules can lead to expulsion from the community.

This means that even though smoking weed may not be expressly forbidden, it could still get an Amish person kicked out of their community. So while we can’t say for sure whether or not the Amish smoke weed, it seems unlikely given the risks involved.

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