Does Brachs Still Make Chocolate Covered Cherries?

Yes, Brachs still makes chocolate covered cherries. The company has been making these confections since the early 1900s and they continue to be a popular treat. While the recipe has changed slightly over the years, the chocolates are still made with real cherry juice and are enrobed in a thick layer of dark chocolate.

As of 2019, Brach’s no longer makes chocolate covered cherries. While this may be disappointing news for some, there are still plenty of other brands that make delicious chocolate covered cherries. So if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, you can still indulge in this classic candy.

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Where to Buy Brach’S Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate covered cherries are a delicious and festive treat that are perfect for holiday parties or gifts. Brach’s is one of the most popular brands of chocolate covered cherries, and you can find them at many grocery stores or online retailers. Here are some tips on where to buy Brach’s chocolate covered cherries so that you can get the best price and selection.

Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores carry Brach’s chocolate covered cherries during the holiday season. They are usually located in the seasonal aisle with other holiday candies. Prices will vary depending on the store, but you can typically find them for around $10 per box.

Online Retailers: You can also find Brach’s chocolate covered cherries online from various retailers. Amazon is a great option, as they often have good prices and offer free shipping on orders over $25. You can also find them at and

Prices will again vary depending on the retailer, but you should be able to find them for around $10-$15 per box. Brach’s Official Website: You can also purchase chocolate covered cherries directly from Brach’s by visiting their website ( A box of 16oz chocolates is currently priced at $11.99 plus shipping and handling charges.

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Does Brachs Still Make Chocolate Covered Cherries?


Are Queen Anne Chocolate Cherries Seasonal?

Queen Anne chocolate cherries are a seasonal candy, typically only available around Christmastime. However, some stores may carry them year-round. The cherries are made by coating pitted maraschino cherries in milk or dark chocolate, then rolling them in sugar or cocoa powder.

They are named after Queen Anne of Great Britain, who was said to be fond of eating chocolate-covered cherries.

Did Brach’S Go Out of Business?

No, Brach’s did not go out of business. The company was acquired by Ferrero in 2018.

Does Cvs Have Chocolate Covered Cherries?

Yes, CVS does sell chocolate covered cherries. These can be found in the candy aisle near other chocolate covered fruits. They come in a few different brands, including Hershey’s and Ghirardelli.

The price for a bag of these varies depending on the brand and size, but they are typically around $5-$6.

What are Those Chocolate Covered Cherries Called?

Chocolate-covered cherries, also known as cherry cordials, are a type of confectionery that consists of a cherry center surrounded by chocolate. The cherries are typically maraschino cherries, but can also be fresh or dried cherries. They are often coated in a sugar syrup before being dipped in chocolate.

Cherry cordials have been around for centuries, with the earliest documented recipe dating back to 1653. The sweets became particularly popular in the 19th century and were often given as gifts during the holiday season. Today, they remain a popular treat and can be found at many candy stores and online retailers.


Yes, Brach’s still makes chocolate covered cherries! They are a seasonal item, so you can find them around Valentine’s Day or Christmas time. The cherries are covered in a dark chocolate and filled with a cherry cordial.

They are delicious and perfect for sharing with your loved ones!

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