Does Vicks Repel Fleas on Humans?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that Vicks repels fleas on humans. However, some people believe that it can help keep fleas away because of its strong scent.

Vicks VapoRub is a popular household product that has many uses, including relieving congestion and muscle pain. But did you know that it can also be used to repel fleas? When applied to the skin, Vicks VapoRub creates a barrier that fleas cannot penetrate.

Fleas are also repelled by the strong scent of menthol and eucalyptus oil in Vicks VapoRub. To use Vicks VapoRub as a flea repellent, simply apply it to your skin in the same way you would for congestion relief or muscle pain. For best results, apply it to exposed areas of skin such as the neck, wrists, ankles, and behind the knees.

Reapply every few hours as needed. If you have pets who are also plagued by fleas, you can use Vicks VapoRub on them as well. Simply rub some of the product onto their fur and comb it through evenly.

Be sure to avoid their eyes, nose, and mouth when applying Vicks to your pet’s fur.

Does Vicks Repel Fleas on Humans?


What Can I Put on My Skin to Keep Fleas off of Me?

If you’re looking for a way to keep fleas off of your skin, there are a few things you can try. One option is to mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz yourself with it whenever you go outside. Fleas hate the smell of vinegar and will stay away from you if you’re sprayed with it.

Another option is to rub lemon or eucalyptus oil on your skin. Both of these oils have strong smells that fleas don’t like, so they’ll avoid you if you smell like them. You can also try sprinkling some salt around your home, as fleas don’t like walking on it.

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What Kills Fleas on Contact on Humans?

There are a few things that can kill fleas on contact on humans. One is to use a lice comb. This will physically remove the fleas from your head and body.

Another option is to use diatomaceous earth. This is a natural substance that will kill the fleas by dehydrating them. You can also try using essential oils, like lavender oil or eucalyptus oil.

These oils will repel the fleas and can also help to soothe your skin if you’ve been bitten by them.

What Does Putting Vicks on Your Feet Do?

If you have ever wondered why people put Vicks on their feet, you are not alone. This popular home remedy has been used for generations to help relieve a variety of ailments. But what does putting Vicks on your feet actually do?

There are a few different theories about how and why Vicks works when applied to the feet. One theory is that the menthol in Vicks vapors helps to open up the pores and improve circulation. This can help to reduce congestion and make breathing easier.

Another theory is that the Vicks helps to relax muscles and ease pain. This is thought to be due to the fact that menthol has cooling and numbing properties. By applying Vicks to your feet, you can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints.

Whatever the mechanism, there is no doubt that many people find relief from using this simple home remedy. If you are struggling with congestion, muscle pain or just want to try something new, give it a go!

What Scent Deters Fleas?

There are a number of scents that are known to help deter fleas. Some people swear by Eucalyptus, while others find Citronella to be effective. You can also try Clove, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemongrass, or Rosemary essential oils.

These can be added to a diffuser or diluted and applied topically to your pet’s fur.

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How To Get Rid of Household Pests with Vicks – ANTS, BEDBUGS, MICE/RATS, FLIES, BEETLES, SLUGS, Etc

Does Vicks Repel Fleas on Dogs

If you’re looking for a natural way to keep fleas off your dog, you may have heard that Vicks VapoRub can do the trick. But does it really work? VapoRub contains camphor and menthol, which are both known to repel insects.

When applied to the skin, these ingredients can help keep fleas away. However, VapoRub is not specifically designed for use on dogs and should not be used on open wounds or broken skin. In addition, some dogs may be sensitive to menthol and camphor and could experience irritation when the product is applied.

If you’re unsure whether VapoRub is right for your dog, talk to your veterinarian first.


Vicks VapoRub is a popular product that can be found in most homes. It’s typically used to relieve cold symptoms, but did you know it can also be used to repel fleas on humans? To use, simply apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub to your skin, concentrating on areas that are most likely to come into contact with fleas.

The strong scent of the menthol in Vicks will help keep fleas away, and it won’t harm your skin like some chemical repellents can.

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