How Did Cadence Become an Alicorn?

Cadence became an Alicorn after she saved Equestria from the changeling queen, Chrysalis. She used the power of love to turn the changelings back to their true forms and defeated Chrysalis.

Cadence became an Alicorn after she was crowned Princess of Love. She is the only one who knows how to spread love throughout Equestria and make everypony feel loved.

How Did Celestia Become an Alicorn

Celestia became an Alicorn through a magical transformation that she underwent many years ago. She was not born an Alicorn, but transformed into one after completing a difficult and dangerous quest. The specifics of her transformation are not entirely clear, but it is known that she had to face a powerful enemy in order to complete the quest.

After defeating this enemy, Celestia was transformed into an Alicorn and given the ability to use magic. She has used her new powers to protect Equestria ever since.

How Did Cadence Become an Alicorn?


Was Princess Cadence Born an Alicorn?

No, Princess Cadence was not born an Alicorn. She is a Pegasus pony who was transformed into an Alicorn by the power of the Elements of Harmony.

Was Cadence Always an Alicorn?

Cadence was not always an Alicorn. She was born a Pegasus, and later transformed into an Alicorn through a magical ritual.

Did Celestia Turn Twilight into an Alicorn?

No, Celestia did not turn Twilight into an Alicorn. While she did play a role in helping her reach that point, it was ultimately something that Twilight accomplished on her own. The transformation from Unicorn to Alicorn is a process that happens very rarely, and only under specific circumstances.

In Twilight’s case, she had to first become a master of all three forms of magic – regular magic, dark magic, and unicorn magic. She also had to be willing to give up her previous life and dedicate herself fully to the pursuit of knowledge. And finally, she had to accept who she truly was – not just as a student or a ruler, but as a being with great power and potential.

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Once all of these things were in place, the transformation could begin. It started with a powerful magical surge that knocked out everyone in Canterlot Castle – including Celestia herself. When she recovered, she found that Twilight had transformed into an Alicorn right before her eyes.

So while Celestia played an important part in helping Twilight become an Alicorn, ultimately it was something that Twilight did on her own. And now that she has reached this new stage in her life, there’s no telling what amazing things she’ll accomplish next!

How is Flurry Heart an Alicorn?

Flurry Heart is an Alicorn because she has the unique ability to fly and use magic. She was born with this ability, and it is something that makes her very special.

Princess Cadence's Backstory (Updated)


In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “Sonic Rainboom”, Rarity witnesses a sonic rainboom for the first time and faints from the beauty of it. After she wakes up, she tells Twilight Sparkle and Spike about what happened, and Twilight explains that only a very special pony can perform a sonic rainboom. This prompts Rarity to ask how Cadence, one of her friends, became an alicorn.

Twilight Sparkle proceeds to tell the story of how Cadence became an alicorn. She explains that when Cadence was just a filly, she loved to sing and dance. One day, while playing with her friends in Canterlot Castle, she accidentally stumbled into Princess Celestia’s throne room.

When Celestia asked her what she was doing there, Cadence replied that she wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Celestia was so touched by this that she decided to make Cadence her personal student. Cadence studied hard under Celestia’s tutelage and quickly began to outshine all of her other students.

Eventually, Celestia saw fit to reward Cadence for her hard work by making her an alicorn princess. And thus, Cadence became one of the most beloved ponies in all of Equestria!

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