How Many Calories are in a Booger?

The average person produces about a liter of snot each day, and though most of it gets swallowed, a good portion ends up drying out and becoming what we call boogers. So how many calories are in a booger? While the answer may not be appetizing, the truth is that there are very few calories in a booger.

In fact, a single booger contains only about 0.3 calories.

We all know that boogers are made up of dust and other particles that we inhale throughout the day. But did you know that they also contain calories? That’s right, a single booger contains approximately 9 calories.

So, how does this happen? Well, when you inhale dust and other particles, your body actually breaks them down and uses them for energy. And since boogers are made up of these same particles, they also contain calories.

Interestingly enough, the average person consumes about 1,000 calories worth of boogers each year. So next time you go to pick one off your child’s face (or your own), just remember that you’re actually eating a tiny bit of food!

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-There are No Calories in a Booger

Most people believe that boogers are made up of dust and dirt particles that we inhale throughout the day. However, boogers are actually made up of mucus. Mucus is produced by our bodies to trap bacteria and other foreign particles so they don’t enter our lungs.

When this mucus dries out, it forms a crusty substance known as a booger. So, if boogers are made up of mucus, does that mean they have calories? The short answer is no.

Mucus is mostly water (about 98%), with small amounts of protein and salt. So unless you’re eating your boogers (which we do not recommend), you’re not getting any extra calories from them.

-A Booger is Made Up of Dried Mucus And Bacteria

A booger is made up of dried mucus and bacteria. When you have a cold, your body produces more mucus to help trap viruses and prevent them from entering your body through your nose. The extra mucus drains out of your nose and can become crusty when it dries.

Bacteria are also present in your nose and contribute to the formation of boogers.

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-Boogers Can Be Eaten, But Some People May Think They are Gross

Boogers are actually quite nutritious and there are many people who enjoy eating them. While some people may think they are gross, there is no need to be ashamed of enjoying this tasty treat. Boogers are made up of mucus, which is full of proteins and minerals that can be beneficial to the body.

In fact, eating boogers can help boost the immune system and provide essential nutrients that the body needs. So next time you’re feeling a little hungry, why not give into your cravings and enjoy a delicious booger snack!

How Many Calories are in a Booger?



According to a recent study, the average booger contains about 1 calorie. However, the number of calories in a booger can vary depending on its size and composition. For example, a large booger that is mostly made up of mucus may contain more calories than a small booger that is mostly made up of dried blood.

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