How to Cancel Green Chef?

To cancel Green Chef, you will need to contact customer service. You can reach them by phone at 888-236-7295 or by email at [email protected] When you call, be sure to have your account information handy so they can cancel your subscription.

  • Log into your account on the Green Chef website
  • Click on the “My Account” tab
  • Scroll down to the “Cancel Subscription” section
  • Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button and confirm your cancellation


Green Chef Login

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing the Green Chef login process: “Green Chef Login” If you’re looking to cook up some delicious, healthy meals, then you’ll want to check out Green Chef.

Green Chef is a meal delivery service that sends you everything you need to make amazing dishes right to your door. Plus, with Green Chef, there’s no need to worry about grocery shopping or meal planning – they’ve got it all taken care of for you! To get started with Green Chef, simply create an account and log in.

Then, choose the type of plan that best suits your needs. Whether you’re cooking for one or feeding a family of four, there’s a plan for everyone. Once you’ve selected your plan, select the number of meals per week that you’d like delivered.

You can always change this later if needed. Next, choose your dietary preferences. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, or have other food allergies or restrictions – Green Chef has got you covered!

They will send you recipes and ingredients that fit within your chosen dietary guidelines. Now comes the fun part – choosing your recipes! With Green Chef, there’s something for everyone.

Choose from their wide selection of mouth-watering recipes and let the chef do the rest! In just a few days (or less), your ingredients will arrive on your doorstep – ready for cooking up some culinary magic!

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So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and get cooking with Green Chef!

How to Cancel Green Chef?


Can You Cancel Green Chef at Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Green Chef at anytime. You can do this by going to your account settings and clicking on the cancel button.

How Do I Unsubscribe from Chef?

If you’re interested in unsubscribing from Chef, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll need to have an account with Chef in order to unsubscribe. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.

Once you have an account, sign in and go to the “My Account” page. From there, click on the “Cancel Subscription” link at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation and given the option to provide feedback about your experience with Chef.

After that, your subscription will be successfully cancelled!

How Do I Cancel a Week on Green Chef?

If you need to cancel your Green Chef account, we’re here to help! You can easily cancel your subscription by following these steps: 1. Log into your account at

2. Click on the “My Account” tab 3. Under the “Subscription” section, click on the “Cancel Subscription” button 4. Confirm that you want to cancel your subscription

Once you’ve followed these steps, your subscription will be successfully cancelled and you will no longer be charged for future weeks of service. If you have any questions or need assistance, our Customer Care team is always happy to help!

Is Greenchef Owned by Hellofresh?

As of September 2019, Green Chef is no longer owned by HelloFresh. In May of that year, HelloFresh sold Green Chef to Compass Group for $300 million. Prior to that, in November 2018, HelloFresh had acquired Green Chef from Lightspeed Venture Partners for $290 million.

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Green Chef is a meal subscription service that delivers fresh, organic ingredients and easy recipes to your door. If you need to cancel your Green Chef account, you can do so easily by following these steps: First, log into your account on the Green Chef website.

Then, click on the “Account” tab and select “Billing.” Here, you will see the option to “Cancel Subscription.” Click this button and confirm your cancellation.

You will then receive a confirmation email from Green Chef stating that your account has been cancelled and that no further charges will be made.

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