How to Clean Auger on Pit Boss?

To clean your auger, first remove the hopper lid and discharge any pellets that are in the unit. Next, use a shop vac to remove any debris from inside the unit. Once the interior is clean, reattach the hopper lid and turn on the unit to burn off any residual pellets.

Finally, wipe down the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth.

How to Clean or Replace any Pit Boss Auger | Pit Boss Pit Stops

  • Turn off the power to the auger and unplug it from the outlet
  • Remove any food or debris from the auger area with a brush or vacuum cleaner
  • Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the outside of the auger housing
  • Dry the auger housing with a clean cloth before reapplying power to the unit

Pit Boss Pro Series Auger Removal

Pit Boss Pro Series Auger Removal – How to do it Right Have you ever had to remove an auger from your Pit Boss Pro Series smoker? If so, then you know it can be a real pain.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. With our handy guide, you’ll have that auger out in no time. First things first, make sure that your smoker is turned off and completely cooled down before attempting to remove the auger.

Next, locate the two screws on the side of the fire pot that hold the auger in place. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove these screws and set them aside. Now comes the tricky part.

You need to reach up inside the fire pot and release the retaining clip that holds the auger in place. This clip is located near where the auger meets the bottom of the fire pot. Once you’ve released this clip, you should be able to pull the auger out of the fire pot easily.

That’s all there is to it! Remove your old auger and insert a new one following these same steps in reverse order.

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How to Clean Auger on Pit Boss?


How Do You Clean the Auger on a Pit Boss Smoker?

Assuming you are talking about the auger that feeds pellets into the fire: You will want to shut off and unplug your smoker. Next, remove the pellet hopper and set it aside.

With a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws holding the auger in place and pull it out. Inspect the auger for any damage or blockages. If there is debris inside, use a small brush or pipe cleaner to remove it.

Replace any damaged parts before reassembling.

How Do You Unclog the Auger on a Pellet Grill?

If your pellet grill’s auger becomes clogged, there are a few things you can do to try and unclog it. First, check the pellets themselves. If they are old or of poor quality, they may be causing the clog.

Second, clean out the fire pot with a wire brush. Sometimes ash and debris can build up in there and cause problems. Third, try running some hot water through the auger tube to loosen any buildup.

Finally, if all else fails, you may need to disassemble the auger and clean it out with a brush or other tool.

How Do You Remove Pellets from Pit Boss Auger?

To remove pellets from your Pit Boss auger, first make sure that the power is off and the auger is cool to the touch. Next, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the pellet hopper in place. With the hopper removed, you should be able to easily access the pellets stuck in the auger.

Use a long object, such as a dowel or chopstick, to dislodge any pellets that are stuck and then vacuum them up. Once all of the pellets have been removed, reassemble your Pit Boss and you’re ready to cook!

How Do You Take Apart a Pit Boss Auger?

Assuming you need to take apart the entire auger and not just a specific part, there are a few things you need to do. Disconnect the power source, whether it be unplugging it or shutting off the gas. Once that is done, locate all of the screws that are holding the auger together.

There may be different sizes so pay attention to which one goes where. Unscrew everything and carefully lay out all of the parts in an easily remembered order.

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Now that everything is taken apart, cleaning it should be a breeze.

Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies, using a brush if necessary. If any parts are damaged beyond repair, now would be the time to replace them. Once everything is clean and dry (be sure to let it air dry completely), start putting everything back together following your screw pattern from before.

Reconnect your power source and test out your newly cleaned pit boss auger!


If you have a Pit Boss Pellet Smoker, you know how great it is for cooking up delicious food. But like any other appliance, it needs to be cleaned from time to time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean your auger so it continues to work like new.

To start, remove the hopper lid and pellet basket. Then, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the auger housing in place. Once the housing is off, you’ll be able to see the auger inside.

Use a brush or rag to clean out any debris that may be inside the auger housing. Be sure to also clean off the outside of the auger itself. Once everything is clean, reassemble the housing and screw it back into place.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully cleaned your Pit Boss Pellet Smoker’s auger and it will continue working like new for years to come!

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