How to Disguise a Gingerbread Man?

If you want to disguise a gingerbread man, you can cover him in chocolate or frosting. You can also decorate him with sprinkles, candies, or other small sweets. To make him look even more different, you can cut off his arms and legs, or give him a new head.

  • Purchase a gingerbread man cookie cutter
  • Cut out gingerbread men from brown felt
  • Use a hot glue gun to attach the felt gingerbread men to the front of a T-shirt
  • Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth from black felt and attach with hot glue
  • Optional: Add embellishments like buttons or bows with hot glue
How to Disguise a Gingerbread Man?


How to Decorate a Gingerbread Man?

To decorate a gingerbread man, you will need: -A large gingerbread cookie cutter -1/2 cup flour

-1 teaspoon baking powder -1/4 teaspoon salt -1 tablespoon ground ginger

-1 teaspoon ground cinnamon -1/4 teaspoon ground cloves -3/4 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature

-3/4 cup sugar 2 large eggs, beaten well 1/2 cup molasses ( I like to use blackstrap molasses) It gives a more intense flavor to the cookie.

If you use regular molasses, your cookies will be lighter in color. ) You can also use honey as a substitute for the molasses. Just keep in mind that the flavor of the honey will come through in your final product.

So if you want a more subtle flavor, go with the molasses. If you want a stronger honey flavor, go ahead and use honey.) I have also used 1/4 cup dark corn syrup in place of the molasses with great success)

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone liners. Set aside. In a medium bowl whisk together flour, baking powder, salt, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Set aside. In the bowl of your electric mixer beat butter on medium speed until creamy ( about 1 minute). Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy ( about 2 minutes). With mixer on low speed add eggs and molasses just until combined being careful not to overmix or your cookies will be tough instead of nice and tender). Gradually add flour mixture to wet ingredients just until combined again being careful not to overmix . Using a small scoop (I used my 1 Tablespoon scoop), drop dough onto prepared baking sheets spacing them about 2 inches apart since they do spread some as they bake ). Bake for 10 -12 minutes or until edges are set but center is still soft when lightly touched with your finger tips( mine took exactly 11 minutes ). Allow cookies to cool on pan for several minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to finish cooling completely.

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What Do Gingerbread Men Symbolize?

Gingerbread men are a holiday tradition that date back to the 16th century. The gingerbread man is thought to have originated in Germany, and the first recorded gingerbread recipe was published in England in 1796. The cookies were originally made in the shape of animals and people, but the gingerbread man became the most popular shape.

There are many theories about what the gingerbread man symbolizes. One theory is that he represents the spirit of Christmas. Another theory is that he is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Some believe that he represents Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Whatever the true meaning is, one thing is for sure – gingerbread men are a delicious treat that bring happiness to all who eat them!

What to Use to Decorate a Gingerbread House?

When it comes to decorating a gingerbread house, the sky is the limit! There are so many fun and festive things you can use to make your gingerbread house look amazing. One of the most popular things to use for decoration is candy.

You can use all sorts of different candy to create all sorts of different looks. For example, you could use lollipops for the roof, or gumdrops for the walls. Get creative and have fun with it!

Another popular option for decoration is icing. You can pipe it on in all sorts of different designs, or even just write words or phrases with it. Icing can also be used to attach other decorations like candy or sprinkles.

If you want to get really creative, you could even try using edible paint! This way you can paint your gingerbread house any way you want. Just be sure to let the paint dry completely before adding any other decorations on top.

No matter what you decide to use, have fun with it and enjoy creating your own unique gingerbread house!

Are Gingerbread Men Christmassy?

Gingerbread men are a traditional Christmas cookie in many parts of the world. The cookies are usually made in the shape of a man, and they are often decorated with icing or frosting.

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The origin of gingerbread men is not clear, but it is believed that they were first made in Germany during the Middle Ages.

Gingerbread was originally used as a medicine to treat stomach aches and other ailments. It wasn’t until the 16th century that gingerbread became a popular food item. Gingerbread men became especially popular during the Victorian era.

Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, is credited with making them fashionable. He would give gingerbread men to children at Christmas time, and he also had a life-size gingerbread man made for him one year. Nowadays, you can find gingerbread men all over the world during the holiday season.

They are often given as gifts, and they are also used as decorations on Christmas trees or on top of presents.

Snowman Gingerbread Man In Disguise Craft For Kids

Disguise Gingerbread Man As Santa

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and of course, gingerbread men! But what if your gingerbread man is feeling a little left out? Never fear, with a few simple steps you can easily disguise your gingerbread man as Santa!

To start, you’ll need to give your gingerbread man a Santa-worthy makeover. Start by adding some red frosting to his suit. Then use white frosting to add a fluffy beard and mustache.

Don’t forget the hat! You can either use a pre-made icing or make your own from scratch using red and white fondant. Once your gingerbread man is all decked out in his holiday best, it’s time to let him enjoy the festivities!

Have him sit front and center on the mantelpiece or put him in charge of guarding the Christmas tree. No matter where he ends up, he’s sure to bring holiday cheer to everyone who sees him!


If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to disguise a gingerbread man, look no further! With just a few simple supplies, you can transform your gingerbread man into any number of different characters. All you need is some black fondant or candy melts, edible eyes, and a little bit of creativity!

To start, simply cover the gingerbread man’s entire body with black fondant or candy melts. Then, use the edible eyes to create whatever character you like! You can make a scary monster, a cute animal, or even Santa Claus!

The possibilities are endless. Just have fun and be creative!

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