How to Draw Tomato?

1. Begin by drawing a small oval shape for the tomato’s body. 2. Next, add two curved lines above the oval to create the tomato’s leaves. 3. Finally, draw a stem coming out from the top of the oval and two small ovals for the tomato’s eyes.

your drawing is now complete!

  • Begin by drawing a oval shape for the tomato
  • Draw a stem coming off the top of the oval
  • Add two leaves to the stem
  • Give your tomato some dimension by adding shading around the edges of the fruit
  • Finally, add some highlights to give your tomato a realistic appearance
How to Draw Tomato?


How Do You Draw a Cartoon Tomato?

There are various ways to draw a cartoon tomato. One way is to start with a small circle for the tomato’s body. Then, add two slightly larger circles for the tomato’s cheeks.

Next, draw a curved line for the smile and two small lines for the eyes. Finally, add some details like shading and highlights.

How Do You Draw a Tomato Art Hub?

One way to draw a tomato is to start with a small circle in the center of your paper. Then, add two slightly larger circles around the first one. Next, draw a curved line from the top of the largest circle to the bottom of the smallest circle.

Finally, add two oval-shaped leaves on each side of the tomato.

How Do You Draw Bruno?

Assuming you would like a step by step guide on how to draw Bruno, the character from the movie The Rescuers Down Under: 1. Begin by sketching out a basic outline of the character’s head and body. Add in some simple details like his nose and mouth.

2. Next, draw Bruno’s hat. Start with a curved line for the brim, then add two triangular shapes for the ears. Draw a rectangle over top for the hat’s main body.

3. For Bruno’s neck and body, start by drawing a big oval shape. This will be his torso. Then add two small circles for his arms and four lines coming down from the oval for his legs.

At the end of each leg, add a small triangle for his feet.

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4 To finish up, give Bruno some stripes on his arms and legs using curved lines.

How Do You Draw Toms?

Assuming you would like tips on how to draw Tom from the popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, here are some helpful instructions. First, start with a basic outline of the character’s head and body. Next, add in the details of his face including his large eyes, small nose, and wide mouth.

Then begin drawing his signature outfit which consists of a red shirt with white stripes and blue pants. Finally, don’t forget to add his black shoes and square shaped sponge-like body!

How to draw a tomato step by step (very easy) || drawing || art video

How to Draw Brinjal

Assuming you would like a blog post titled “How to Draw Brinjal”: Have you ever seen those beautiful, big, purple brinjals at the market and wanted to know how to draw them? Well, look no further!

Here are some easy steps on how to draw your own brinjal. First, start by drawing a oval shape. This will be the base of your brinjal.

Next, add two small circles at the top of the oval for the stem. Now it’s time to add some details to your fruit! On one side of the oval, draw five curved lines going down.

These will be the ridges on your brinjal. Do the same thing on the other side. Now let’s give your brinjal some color!

Use a purple crayon or marker and color in your drawing. There you have it! Your very own drawn brinjal!


This blog post walks readers through how to draw a tomato step-by-step. The author includes several helpful illustrations to guide readers through each stage of the drawing process. By following these simple steps, anyone can create a realistic and detailed drawing of a tomato.

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