How to Get Turkey Berries in Cubic Castles?

Turkey berries can be found in the wild, and they can also be grown in cubic castles. To find turkey berries in the wild, look for them on trees or bushes. They are small, red berries that grow in clusters.

To grow turkey berries in cubic castles, plant seeds in soil and water them regularly. The plants will produce small, red berries that can be harvested when they are ripe.

Cubic Castles: How to find Turkey berries and How to make Hunting Bush

  • Turkey berries can be found in the forest biome near Turkey nests
  • They can also be found in the Birch Forest and Spruce Forest biomes
  • Turkey berries can be harvested with a pickaxe or an axe
  • When harvesting turkey berries, they will drop turkey berry seeds which can be planted to grow more turkey berries

Cubic Castles Wiki

Cubic Castles is a voxel-based MMO sandbox video game developed and published by Canadian studio Wicked Witch Software. It was released on June 1, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game features user-generated castles that players can explore, build, and decorate with furniture of their own design.

Players can also collect items to craft into new objects, or trade with other players for items they need. There are various RPG elements in the game such as questing and levelling up. The Cubic Castles Wiki is a collaborative resource for the game that anyone can edit!

It contains information about all aspects of the game, from beginner tips to expert strategies. If you’re looking for help with something specific, or just want to learn more about the game in general, the wiki is a great place to start.

How to Get Turkey Berries in Cubic Castles?


What is the Fastest Way to Get Cubits in Cubic Castles?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the best way to get cubits will vary depending on each individual player’s situation and goals. However, some general tips that may help players increase their cubit count include:

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– Participating in events and challenges: Many events and challenges offer rewards in cubits, so taking part in these can be a great way to earn more of the currency.

– Selling items: Another option for earning cubits is to sell unwanted or surplus items in the game’s marketplace. This can be a good way to declutter one’s castle while also making some extra income. – Trading with other players: Players can also trade goods and services with one another directly in exchange for cubits.

This could involve anything from crafting items for others to helping them out with tasks in their castles.

How Do You Get Crops in Cubic Castles?

You can get crops in Cubic Castles by planting them in soil. You will need to water the plants regularly and make sure they are getting enough sunlight. Once the plants have grown, you can harvest them and use them to make food or other items.

How Do You Get Seeds in Cubic Castles?

In Cubic Castles, there are two ways to get seeds. The first way is to find them in the wild. Seeds can be found on the ground, in trees, and in bushes.

The second way to get seeds is to buy them from the Seed Shop.

How Do You Make a Net in Cubic Castles?

In Cubic Castles, you can make a net by using the following materials: 1x String, 1x Cloth, and 1x Rope. To make a net, first put the string in your crafting menu. Then, add the cloth to the string.

Finally, add the rope to the string and cloth. Your net is now complete!


In Cubic Castles, turkey berries can be found in the Thanksgiving event. When the event begins, a Turkey Berry Bush will spawn in each castle. These bushes can be harvested for berries, which can be used to make pies.

To make a pie, you will need flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Once you have all of the ingredients, simply combine them in a bowl and put them in an oven. Cook the pie for 30 minutes and then enjoy your delicious Thanksgiving feast!

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