How to Make Dunkin Avocado Toast?

When it comes to breakfast, I’m all about convenience. I want something that is quick and easy to make, but still filling and satisfying. That’s why I love Dunkin Avocado Toast!

It only takes a few minutes to make, and it’s packed with nutrients that will keep me going until lunchtime. Plus, it’s super delicious!

  • Choose your bread
  • Slice an avocado in half, then remove its pit and skin
  • Toast the bread to your preference
  • Spread each slice with ½ of the avocado mixture
  • Add any desired toppings like salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, etc
  • Dunkin’s Avocado Toast is now ready to enjoy!

How to make DUNKIN' NEW AVOCADO TOAST -RECIPE & REVIEW! Dunkin' Donuts Newest Limited-Time Menu Item

What is in Dunkin Donuts Avocado Toast?

Assuming you are referring to the new avocado toast that Dunkin’ Donuts recently introduced: Dunkin’ Donuts avocado toast is a breakfast item that consists of a piece of whole wheat or white bread topped with smashed avocado, salt, and pepper. The toast can be ordered with or without cheese.

Is Dunkin Avocado Toast Made With Real Avocado?

Yes, Dunkin’ avocado toast is made with real avocado. The ingredients list on the Dunkin’ website includes avocado, olive oil, and sea salt. There’s no mention of any other kind of avocado product or flavoring, so it’s safe to assume that the avocado toast at Dunkin’ is made with fresh avocados.

How Healthy is Avocado Toast from Dunkin Donuts?

Assuming you are referring to the new Avocado Toast Breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts, here is some information on its nutritional value. One sandwich has 410 calories, 17 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 15 milligrams of cholesterol, 710 milligrams of sodium, 47 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams dietary fiber, 2 grams of sugar and 18 grams of protein. So how healthy is this new breakfast option from Dunkin Donuts?

Overall, it seems like a pretty solid choice if you are looking for something relatively high in protein and low in sugar. The sodium content is a bit on the high side, but not unexpected for a fast food restaurant. If you are trying to watch your fat intake, then this probably isn’t the best option as nearly 40% of the calories come from fat.

However, most of that fat is coming from heart-healthy unsaturated fats found in the avocado spread. All things considered, this new avocado toast breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts appears to be a reasonably healthy option if you are looking for something quick and easy in the morning.

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How Does Kylie Jenner Make Her Avocado Toast?

Kylie Jenner is the queen of Instagram, and she’s also pretty handy in the kitchen. So, how does she make her avocado toast? For starters, Kylie uses two slices of whole wheat bread.

She toasts the bread until it’s nice and crispy. Then, she adds a generous amount of avocado to each slice of toast. After that, Kylie sprinkles on some red pepper flakes for a little bit of spice.

And last but not least, she finishes it off with a drizzle of olive oil. This simple yet delicious breakfast dish is perfect for those mornings when you want something healthy and filling, but don’t have a lot of time to cook. So next time you’re wondering how to make avocado toast like Kylie Jenner, just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be good to go!

How to Make Dunkin Avocado Toast?


How to Make Dunkin Avocado Toast With Tomatoes

Assuming you would like a recipe for avocado toast with tomatoes: Ingredients: -1 piece of whole wheat bread, toasted

-1/2 an avocado, sliced -1 small tomato, diced -1/4 teaspoon chili flakes

-Salt and pepper, to taste Instructions: 1. Start by toasting your bread.

You can do this in the toaster or under the broiler in the oven. Once it’s nice and crispy, set it aside. 2. Slice up your avocado and add it to the toast.

Use as much or as little as you like! 3. Add diced tomatoes on top of the avocado slices. Again, use as many or as few as you’d like.

Sprinkle on some chili flakes for a little bit of heat. Season with salt and pepper to taste. And that’s it!

Enjoy your delicious breakfast (or snack).

Dunkin Avocado Toast Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 avocado, diced 1/4 cup red onion, diced

1 tomato, diced 1/2 lime, juiced 1/4 teaspoon chili powder

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1/4 teaspoon ground cumin Salt and pepper, to taste 2 slices whole wheat bread, toasted

Instructions: Add the avocado to a medium bowl and mash with a fork. Mix in the red onion, tomato and lime juice.

Season with chili powder, cumin and salt and pepper to taste. Spread the mixture on top of the toast slices. Serve immediately.

Dunkin Avocado Toast Discontinued

Dunkin’ has discontinued its avocado toast, effective immediately. The move comes as a surprise to many, as the menu item was only introduced earlier this year. “We’re always looking to evolve our menu to meet the needs of our guests,” said a Dunkin’ spokesperson in a statement.

“While we’re disappointed to see avocado toast go, we’re excited about the new possibilities that this change opens up.” Dunkin’ isn’t the only restaurant chain to recently ditch avocado toast; Panera Bread also pulled the popular item from its menus nationwide. It’s unclear why both chains have decided to discontinue the dish, but it’s possible that rising Avocados prices are to blame.

Whatever the reason, fans of Dunkin’s avocado toast will have to find their fix elsewhere. Luckily, there are plenty of other places where you can get your hands on some delicious avocado toast – even if it isn’t from Dunkin’.


How to Make Dunkin Avocado Toast? Ingredients: -1 ripe avocado, diced

-1/2 teaspoon garlic powder -1/4 teaspoon chili powder -1/8 teaspoon salt

-2 slices whole wheat bread, toasted -1 tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil Instructions:

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). 2. In a small bowl, stir together the avocado, garlic powder, chili powder, and salt. 3. Spread the avocado mixture on the toast slices.

4. Drizzle with olive oil or vegetable oil.

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