How to Make Landjaeger?

Landjaeger is a traditional German dry sausage that is perfect for on-the-go snacking. It is made with beef and pork, and seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and other spices. The sausage is then smoked and dried.

Landjaeger has a shelf life of several months, making it a great option for stocking your pantry. To make landjaeger at home, you will need: 2 pounds of beef

2 pounds of pork 4 cloves of garlic 1 tablespoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper 1 teaspoon of curing salt (optional) 1/2 cup of water Other spices to taste (optional)

Smokehouse or kitchen oven Cheesecloth Butcher’s twine Start by mixing together the beef and pork in a large bowl. Add the garlic, salt, black pepper, curing salt (if using), and water.

Mix well to combine. If desired, add other spices to taste. Cover the mixture and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, preheat your smokehouse or kitchen oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with cheesecloth and spread out the meat mixture on top. Place the baking sheet in the smoker or oven and cook for 3-4 hours or until completely dry. Remove from heat and let cool slightly before handling. Cut into 1-inch pieces and tie each piece with butcher’s twine. Hang in a cool, dry place for 2 weeks or until completely cured.

How to make Landjäger – A Hunters Sausage

  • Cut the venison and pork into 1-inch cubes and place in a large bowl
  • Add the garlic, salt, pepper, curing salt, sugar, and brandy (if using) to the bowl and mix well
  • Place the mixture in a food processor and pulse until it forms a coarse paste
  • Spread the paste onto a sheet of plastic wrap and form into a log shape
  • Wrap tightly in the plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Unwrap the landjaeger log and place on a rack over a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (this will catch any drippings)
  • 8 Bake for 2 hours, or until an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is reached
  • * Remove from oven and let cool completely before slicing into thin pieces
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How to Eat Landjaeger

When it comes to eating Landjaeger, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, Landjaeger is a type of sausage that is made from pork, beef, or game meat. It is typically smoked and then dried, which gives it a unique flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or used as an ingredient in other dishes.

When purchasing Landjaeger, make sure to look for one that is high quality and has been properly cured. To eat Landjaeger, simply slice it into thin pieces and enjoy as-is or cook it up in your favorite recipe. If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing it with some sauerkraut or dill pickles for an extra zesty flavor experience!

How to Make Landjaeger?


What is Landjaeger Made From?

Landjaeger is a German dry sausage that is typically made from beef and pork. The beef and pork are ground together and then seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and other spices. The mixture is then smoked and dried for several weeks.

Landjaeger has a strong flavor and is often eaten as a snack or with bread and cheese.

Does Landjaeger Need to Be Cooked?

Landjaeger is a type of dry sausage that originates from Germany. It is made with lean cuts of pork and beef, as well as spices like garlic, salt, pepper, and caraway seeds. The meat is then smoked and dried for several weeks.

You can eat landjaeger raw, but it is traditionally sliced and cooked before eating. When cooking, you just need to heat it until it is slightly browned on the outside. This can be done by pan frying, grilling, or even microwaving.

Landjaeger goes well with sauerkraut or potato salad, and pairs nicely with beer or wine.

Do Landjaegers Need to Be Refrigerated?

Landjaegers are a type of German sausage that is typically made from pork, beef, bacon and spices. The sausage is then smoked and dry cured, which gives it a shelf life of several months. Because of this, Landjaegers do not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature.

However, once the sausage is opened, it should be eaten within a few days or else it will start to spoil.

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What’S in a Landjaeger?

A Landjaeger is a German-style sausage that is typically made from beef, pork, or a combination of the two. The sausage is then smoked and dried, which gives it a unique flavor that is often compared to jerky. The name “Landjaeger” actually comes from the German word for “hunter,” which makes sense given that this type of sausage was originally created as a way to preserve meat for hunters who were out in the field for extended periods of time.

Today, Landjaeger is still popular in Germany and other parts of Europe, and it can be found in many specialty shops in the United States.


Landjaeger is a type of German dry sausage that is traditionally made from pork, beef, or venison. It is seasoned with salt, pepper, and various other spices such as garlic, caraway seeds, and juniper berries. The meat is then smoked over a period of several weeks before being cut into thin slices and eaten.

Making Landjaeger at home is not difficult, but it does require some time and patience. The first step is to grind the meat using a coarse grinder. Next, the spices are mixed in with the meat and the mixture is placed into an artificial casing.

The sausage is then smoked for several weeks before being sliced and served.

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