How to Repot Mint Plants?

To repot a mint plant, first choose a new pot that is 1-2 inches wider and deeper than the current pot. Fill the bottom of the new pot with fresh potting soil. Gently remove the mint plant from its current pot and loosen any roots that are circling the root ball.

Place the plant in the new pot and fill in around it with fresh potting soil, tamping down lightly as you go. Water well to settle the roots into their new home.

  • Place the mint plant in an empty pot that is just large enough to accommodate the roots
  • Fill the pot with fresh, moistened potting mix, leaving room at the top of the pot for watering
  • Gently firm the potting mix around the roots and water thoroughly
  • Place the mint plant in a bright location out of direct sunlight
  • Water regularly, as needed, to keep the soil moist but not soggy

Re potting Garden Mint

Do Mint Plants Need Big Pots?

No, mint plants do not need big pots. They are quite content in small pots as long as they have good drainage.

What is the Best Soil for Mint Plants?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best soil for mint plants. Mint plants prefer well-drained, sandy loam soils with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5. The soil should also be high in organic matter.

If your soil does not meet these criteria, you can amend it by adding compost or other organic matter. You can also add sand to improve drainage if needed.

How Often Should You Repot Mint?

Mint is a fast-growing herb that can quickly become pot-bound, so it’s important to repot it every few months. The best time to repot mint is in the spring, before the plant really starts to put on new growth. To repot mint, start by gently removing the plant from its current pot.

Inspect the roots and trim away any that are dead or damaged. Place the plant in a new pot that is only slightly larger than the previous one, and fill with fresh potting mix. Water well and place in a bright spot.

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With regular care, your mint plant will continue to thrive and provide you with an abundance of fresh leaves for cooking and cocktails!

How Do You Repot Mint Indoors?

If you’re like me, you love the smell of fresh mint. But if you’re also like me, you don’t have a lot of outdoor space to grow it. That’s why I’m happy to report that mint can easily be grown indoors!

Here’s how to repot mint indoors so that you can enjoy its fresh scent all year long. First, choose a pot that is at least 12 inches wide and has drainage holes in the bottom. Mint likes to spread out, so a wider pot is better than a taller one.

Fill the pot with a good quality potting mix and water it well. Next, gently remove your mint plant from its current pot. If it’s rootbound (meaning the roots are tightly packed and circling the inside of the pot), loosen them up with your fingers before transferring to the new pot.

Plant the mint at the same depth it was growing at previously. Water well again and place in a bright spot near a window. Mint is notorious for being invasive, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it and trim back any stray leaves or stems that start to pop up outside of the pot boundaries.

Other than that, just sit back and enjoy your indoor minty oasis!

How to Repot Mint Plants?


Repotting Mint from Supermarket

If you’ve ever bought a potted mint plant from the supermarket, you may have noticed that it doesn’t last very long. The reason for this is that the plants are usually root-bound, meaning the roots have filled up the pot and there’s nowhere else for them to go. This can stunt the plant’s growth and make it more difficult to absorb nutrients and water.

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Fortunately, repotting mint is a relatively simple process that can give your plant a new lease on life. All you’ll need is some fresh potting soil and a slightly larger pot. Start by gently removing the mint plant from its current pot.

If the roots are tightly bound, you may need to loosen them up with your fingers or a small knife. Once the plant is free, shake off any excess dirt and replant it in the new pot with fresh soil. Water well and place in a bright spot out of direct sunlight.

With proper care, your repotted mint plant should thrive for many months to come!


Mint plants are a refreshing addition to any home, and they’re easy to care for. But like all plants, they need to be repotted occasionally. Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose a pot that’s about twice the size of the plant’s current pot. 2. Add fresh potting mix to the new pot, and water it well. 3. Gently remove the mint plant from its current pot, and shake off any excess dirt.

4. Place the plant in the new pot, and fill in around it with more potting mix. Water well again. 5. Put the potted mint plant in a bright spot, and water regularly as needed.

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