Should Easter Be Capitalized?

The answer to this question is technically no, Easter should not be capitalized. However, many people do choose to capitalize it as it is a holiday. This is likely because when writing about holidays, they are typically capitalized.

No, Easter should not be capitalized. The holiday commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it is not a proper noun. Therefore, it should not be given the same treatment as other holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Should Easter Be Capitalized?


Do We Capitalize the Word Easter?

The word Easter is derived from the Old English word Eastre, which itself is derived from the name of the goddess Eastre. Because the holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is considered a Christian holiday and is therefore capitalized when referred to as such. However, because the word Easter can also be used to describe other things unrelated to Christianity (e.g. Easter eggs), it is not always capitalized.

Is Easter Egg Capitalized?

Yes, Easter egg is typically capitalized. It is a proper noun, after all. The word Easter comes from the Old English word Ēostre, which was the name of a goddess associated with spring and fertility.

Eggs were traditionally associated with fertility and new life, making them a natural symbol for Easter.

What Holidays are Capitalized?

The holidays that are typically capitalized are Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. There may be other holidays that are capitalized depending on the context, but these three are the most common.

Do You Capitalize the Easter Bunny?

No, the Easter Bunny is not capitalized.

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Is Eastern Capitalized

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. However, if you are writing for a specific audience or publication, it is always best to check their style guide to see if they have a preference. In general, when referring to the eastern region of something (e.g. the Eastern United States), it is not necessary to capitalize the word “eastern.”

When using “Eastern” as an adjective before a proper noun (e.g. Eastern Europe), however, it should be capitalized.

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The writer of this blog post argues that Easter should not be capitalized. They make the case that because Easter is a Christian holiday, it should follow the rules for other Christian holidays like Christmas and Good Friday. They also point out that many secular publications do not capitalize Easter.

In conclusion, they say that if you are writing for a publication that does not have a style guide, you should use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to capitalize Easter.

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