Shouldn’T I Realize You’Re the Highest of the High?

You’re absolutely right. I should have realized you’re the highest of the high.

When it comes to love, we often think that we should be with someone who is “the best” for us. But what does that really mean? Shouldn’t we instead be with someone who makes us feel the highest of the high?

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about all the ways that our partner isn’t good enough for us. Maybe they don’t have a great job, or maybe they don’t have their life together like we do. But at the end of the day, those things shouldn’t matter as much as how our partner makes us feel.

When we’re with someone who brings out the best in us and makes us feel loved and appreciated, that’s when we’re truly happy. So even if they’re not “the best” on paper, they may be exactly what we need.

Maxwell – Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (Official 4K Video)

Shouldn’T I Realize You’Re the Highest of the High

As an authority figure, you should always be aware of how your actions and words affect those under your jurisdiction. You’re the boss, the leader, the one in charge – and with that comes a great deal of responsibility. Your employees or team members will naturally look up to you and expect you to act accordingly.

That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but it does mean that you need to be mindful of your behavior. If you’re constantly putting yourself on a pedestal or acting like you’re better than others, it’ll create an unhealthy dynamic within your team. Instead of being respected and looked up to, you’ll be seen as arrogant and unapproachable.

So what can you do to avoid coming across as high-and-mighty? First, remember that it’s important to lead by example. If you want your team to work hard and be successful, then you need to show them that it’s possible.

Second, focus on building relationships rather than hierarchy – let people know that they can come to you with problems or concerns without feeling like they’re inferior. Finally, don’t forget to give credit where it’s due – acknowledge other people’s successes and accomplishments instead of always taking the spotlight for yourself.

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By following these tips, you can make sure thatyou’re respected by those under your command – without seeming like the highest of the high.

Shouldn'T I Realize You'Re the Highest of the High?



Maxwell is a Scottish singer-songwriter, record producer and DJ. He has released five studio albums and numerous singles. His debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite (1996), went platinum and earned him three Grammy Awards.

He is best known for his hit singles “This Woman’s Work” and “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)”. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Maxwell was raised in a strict Jehovah’s Witness household. When he was 13, he moved with his family to Brooklyn, New York.

There he attended high school and discovered his love for music. After graduation, he began working as a DJ and soon after started producing his own music. In 1996, he released his debut album Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite which received critical acclaim and went Platinum.

The album won Maxwell three Grammy Awards including Best R&B Album. Maxwell has since released four more albums: Embrya (1998), Now (2001), BLACKsummers’night (2009) and blackSUMMERS’night (2016). His most recent album blackSUMMERS’night debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart making it Maxwell’s fifth consecutive number one album.

He has also released several successful singles throughout his career including “This Woman’s Work”, “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)” and “Pretty Wings”. In addition to his musical career, Maxwell is also an actor. He made his film debut in the 2000 romantic drama Love & Basketball where he played Quincy McCall.

He also starred in the 2009 biographical film Notorious where he portrayed Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.. His performance in the film earned him an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture nomination Maxwell is a five-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, record producer and DJ from Scotland who rose to fame in the mid-1990s with his critically acclaimed debut album Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.

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It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and forget that there are people out there who are living in completely different realities. We often take for granted the things that we have, like running water and electricity, while there are others who don’t even have access to clean drinking water. It’s important to remember that no matter how bad our day is going, there’s always someone out there who is worse off than we are.

In this blog post, the author talks about how we should all be grateful for what we have, no matter how small it may seem. We should appreciate the little things in life and not take them for granted. The author also reminds us that even though we may think someone has it better than us, we don’t know what their reality is really like.

Just because someone appears to have a perfect life doesn’t mean that they do. So next time you’re feeling down about your life, remember that somebody out there is always worse off than you are and be thankful for what you have.

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