What Does Erica Find under Lucas Bed?

Under Lucas’s bed, Erica finds an old, rusty sword. She also finds a dusty old shield and a few other old items.

If you were to ask Erica what her favorite place in the world is, she would without a doubt say Lucas’s bed. It’s not just because it’s where she sleeps, but because it’s also where she found the best surprise ever. One day, when Lucas was out of the house and Erica was feeling bored, she decided to snoop around his room.

She had always been curious about what he keeps under his bed, so she finally took a look. At first, all she saw were some old boxes and some dust bunnies. But then, hidden in the back corner, she found something that made her heart race: a picture of her.

At first, Erica wasn’t sure what to think or how to feel. But after looking at the picture for a few minutes, she realized that Lucas must have really liked her to keep it hidden like that. She felt flattered and happy knowing that he cared enough about her to keep this special secret just between them.

What did Erica Find under Lucas's Bed? Scene Stranger Things Season 4

What was under Lucas’ Bed Confirmed

We all have those things that we keep under our beds. Whether it’s old clothes, extra blankets, or even just dust bunnies, there’s always something lurking beneath. For Lucas, that something was a bit more alarming.

Lucas is a four-year-old boy who lives with his parents and brother in a small town in upstate New York. Recently, his parents had to go out of town for a few days and left him in the care of his grandparents. While they were gone, Lucas discovered something strange under his bed…a dead body!

Although it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, this story has a happy ending. The body turned out to be that of a woman who had been reported missing several months earlier. She had apparently taken refuge in Lucas’ room after breaking into the house and then died peacefully in her sleep.

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While it’s certainly not the most pleasant thing to find under your bed, at least Lucas can take comfort in knowing that he helped solve a mystery.

What Does Erica Find under Lucas Bed?

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What was Underneath Lucas Bed?

As a kid, everyone has at least one thing that they’re afraid of. For some, it’s the dark. For others, it’s monsters under the bed.

Lucas was no different. He was convinced that there was something lurking under his bed, just waiting to grab him in the middle of the night. So what was really underneath Lucas’ bed?

Turns out, not much. Just a few dust bunnies and maybe a lost sock or two. But to Lucas, those dust bunnies were monsters ready to pounce.

So he made sure to keep his bedroom door shut tight at night, just to be safe. These days, Lucas is all grown up and he knows that there’s nothing under his bed except for a few pieces of furniture. But every now and then, when he’s feeling especially brave, he’ll open his bedroom door and take a peek under the bed just to make sure those monsters are gone for good.

Does Erica Know About the Upside Down?

Yes, Erica knows about the upside down. She is a huge fan of the Netflix show “Stranger Things” and has even cosplayed as one of the characters from the show.

Is Erica Sinclair Lucas Sister?

No, Erica Sinclair is not Lucas’ sister.

How Old is Erica Sinclair S4?


Erica finds a dead rat under Lucas’ bed.

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