What Does Skinny Mean at Dutch Bros?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is subjective. However, generally speaking, skinny at Dutch Bros refers to drinks that are lower in calories and fat. This could mean a drink made with skim milk instead of whole milk, or one that is sugar-free or unsweetened.

As coffee culture continues to grow, so do the options for how to drink your coffee. One popular option is Dutch Bros, a chain of coffee shops known for their wide range of drinks and friendly baristas. But what does “skinny” mean at Dutch Bros?

Simply put, ordering a skinny drink at Dutch Bros means you’re getting a lower calorie version of your favorite beverage. This is accomplished by using skim milk instead of whole milk and reducing or eliminating the added syrups. So if you’re looking to save some calories without sacrificing flavor, ask for your drink skinny next time you’re at Dutch Bros!

What Does Skinny Mean at Dutch Bros?

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What is the Healthiest Thing on Dutch Bros Menu?

Assuming you are referring to food items: Some of the healthier items on the Dutch Bros menu include their fruit cups, smoothies, and acai bowls. Theirfruit cups come with a variety of fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and pineapple.

The smoothies are made with real fruit and yogurt, and there are several different flavors to choose from including strawberry banana, mixed berry, mango passionfruit, and more. The acai bowls come with fresh berries, granola, and honey on top.

How Do You Make Dutch Bros Healthier?

Assuming you want tips on making Dutch Bros coffee healthier: -Skip the flavor syrups which can be full of sugar – Ask for skim milk instead of whole milk or cream

– Go easy on the flavored coffees, which can also be loaded with sugar

Can You Get Sugar Free at Dutch Bros?

Yes, Dutch Bros does offer sugar-free options for their drinks. This includes both syrup and powder alternatives that can be used to make any drink on the menu sugar-free. Some of the most popular sugar-free choices include: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and mocha syrups, as well as the powder options of cinnamon dolce and white chocolate.

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What is the Strongest Drink at Dutch Bros?

If you’re looking for the strongest drink at Dutch Bros, you’ll want to go with their Black and Blue drink. This drink is made with coffee, espresso, chocolate, milk and ice, and packs a serious caffeine punch. If you’re not a fan of coffee or chocolate, they also have a variety of other strong drinks to choose from.

What does skinny mean at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros Skinny Menu

Looking for a lighter option at Dutch Bros? Check out our Skinny Menu! Our skinny drinks are made with real milk and sugar-free syrups.

Choose from popular favorites like the Dutch Freezing Cold Brew or the Skinny Caramelizer. Our baristas are happy to customize your drink to fit your needs. Just ask and they will be happy to make adjustments to help you stay on track with your goals!


At Dutch Bros, “skinny” means making a drink with less syrup and milk than usual. This makes the drink lower in calories and fat, but it still has the same great flavor.

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