What Happens If You Miss One Day of Fasting?

If you miss one day of fasting, it is not the end of the world. You can simply make up for it by fasting for an extra day or two. However, if you consistently miss days of fasting, it will become harder and harder to make up for them, and eventually you will fall behind.

If you’re fasting for religious reasons, missing a day can be a big deal. Depending on your religion, you may be required to make up the lost days or perform some type of penance. If you’re fasting for health reasons, missing a day probably won’t make much of a difference in the long run.

However, if you’re trying to lose weight, missing a day of fasting can set you back significantly.

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Is It Ok to Miss One Day of Fasting?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to miss a day of fasting. In fact, it is recommended that those who are new to fasting start with intermittent fasting, or fasting for shorter periods of time (like 12 hours) before working up to longer fasts (like 24 hours). This allows your body to gradually adjust to the new eating pattern and lowers the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects like headaches, fatigue, and hunger pangs.

If you do find yourself feeling unwell during a fast, it is best to break the fast early and consult with a doctor or nutritionist.

What Happens If I Miss a Fasting Day?

If you miss a fasting day, don’t worry! There’s no need to make up for it or start over. Just resume your normal fasting schedule.

Do I Have to Fast the Days I Missed?

If you miss a day of fasting during Ramadan, there is no make-up required. You simply continue fasting for the remaining days of the month.

What Happens If You Miss One Day of Fasting?

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What Happens If You Miss a Day of Intermittent Fasting

If you’re trying intermittent fasting to lose weight, missing a day may set you back. When you intermittent fast, you eat all your meals within a set period of time, usually 8 hours, and then fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day. This means that if you miss a meal, you’re effectively missing out on an entire day of fasting.

Missing a day of intermittent fasting can throw off your schedule and make it harder to stick to your diet in the long run. If you do miss a day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just pick up where you left off and keep going.


If you miss one day of fasting, don’t worry! You can always make it up later. There’s no need to feel guilty or ashamed.

Just get back on track and continue with your fasting schedule.

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