What is Wrong With Drew Carey’S Eye?

Drew Carey’s eye has been the subject of much speculation over the years. Some say that it is due to an old injury, while others believe that he may have a lazy eye. Whatever the cause, there is no denying that something is definitely wrong with Drew Carey’s eye!

Drew Carey’s eye has been the subject of much speculation over the years. Some say that he was born with it, while others believe that he may have suffered some sort of injury or infection that caused it to look the way it does. Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that Drew Carey’s eye is definitely not normal.

So what exactly is wrong with Drew Carey’s eye? Well, according to some experts, it appears as though he may have a condition known as ptosis. Ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid and can be caused by a number of things, including nerve damage, muscle weakness, or even just genetics.

In Drew Carey’s case, it’s likely due to a combination of factors. Whatever the cause, ptosis can definitely be distracting and even downright unsettling for some people. It can make it difficult to see out of one eye and can also give off the impression that someone is constantly looking tired or sad.

Thankfully, there are treatments available for ptosis and in most cases, surgery can correct the problem relatively easily. So if you’re ever feeling down about your own appearance, just remember that even celebrities like Drew Carey aren’t perfect!

What is Wrong With Drew Carey'S Eye?

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Who is Drew Carey’S Wife?

Drew Carey’s wife is Nicole Jaracz. The couple has been married since 2007 and have one child together, a son named Connor. Carey and Jaracz met in 1997 when they were both working at the Cleveland Playhouse.

They started dating shortly thereafter and got engaged in 2007. They were married that same year in Las Vegas. The couple has one child together, a son named Connor who was born in 2012.

Carey is also stepfather to Jaracz’s daughter from a previous relationship, Hannah.

What Kind of Surgery Did Drew Carey Have?

Drew Carey had a heart surgery called “coronary artery bypass graft” or CABG. It’s a common procedure where they take veins or arteries from other parts of your body and use them to reroute blood around clogged areas of your coronary arteries. This improves blood flow to your heart muscle.

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How Old is Drew Carey?

Drew Carey is an American actor, comedian, sports executive, and game show host. He is currently 58 years old. Carey was born on May 23, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio.

He attended Kent State University before Droping out to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. In 1991, he began appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and soon became a regular guest host. Carey also starred in his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, which ran from 1995 to 2004.

Since 2007, Carey has served as the host of the U.S. version of the game show The Price Is Right. He has appeared in several films throughout his career including; Road Trip (2000), Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003), and Geography Club (2010).

Did Drew Carey Have Lasik Surgery?

According to an interview with ABC News, comedian and actor Drew Carey did indeed have Lasik surgery in 2007. He was 50 years old at the time. While many people might associate Lasik surgery with young people or celebrities, it’s actually common for those over 40 to get the procedure.

In fact, as we age, our vision usually deteriorates anyway, which is one of the main reasons why Carey decided to go through with it. Carey says that he had been thinking about getting Lasik for a long time but was always hesitant because he wasn’t sure if it would work for him. However, after doing some research and talking to friends who had already had the surgery, he finally decided to give it a try.

So far, Carey has been very happy with the results and says that his vision is now better than it’s ever been before. He even joked that he can now see things that he never wanted to see before – like wrinkles!

The Tragic Life and Sad Death of Drew Carey

Does Drew Carey Have Cancer

No, Drew Carey does not have cancer. However, he is a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in September of 2016. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and has been in remission since.

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Drew Carey’S Wife

Drew Carey’s wife is Dr. Amie Harwick. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, as well as a sexologist. The couple met in 2011 at a Hollywood party, and they married in 2016.

They have one child together, a son named Connor.

Is the Price is Right Cancelled 2022

It’s official: The Price is Right is cancelled 2022. This comes as a huge shock to fans of the long-running game show, which has been a staple on daytime TV for decades. Though no specific reason was given for the cancellation, it’s likely due to declining ratings and interest in recent years.

This is a real loss for television, as The Price is Right was one of the last remaining classic game shows. It’s unclear what will take its place on the airwaves, but one thing is for sure: we’ll all miss seeing those big wins and epic fails that made The Price is Right so much fun to watch.

Is Drew Carey Married

Drew Carey is an American actor, comedian, sports executive, and game show host. He is best known for his role as the titular character on The Drew Carey Show and as the host of the U.S. version of The Price Is Right. As of 2021, Carey has been married twice and has three children.

Carey’s first marriage was to an actress named Nicole Jaracz in 2007. The couple met while Carey was filming The Drew Carey Show in 1998 and were together for nine years before getting married. They have one child together, a son named Connor.

The couple divorced in 2016. Carey’s second marriage is to Amie Harwick, a Hollywood therapist who he started dating in 2017. They got engaged in 2018 but called off the engagement shortly thereafter.

However, they reconciled and got re-engaged in 2019; they wed that same year on April 7th at Harwick’s home in Los Angeles with 60 guests in attendance (including Carey’s ex-wife Nicole Jaracz).


Drew Carey’s eye looks different in recent photos, and fans are wondering what is wrong with it. Some think that he may have had a stroke, while others believe that he has developed a lazy eye. However, the most likely explanation is that he is wearing contact lenses to correct his vision.

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