Whats a Pancake in Football?

In American football, a pancake is a tackle in which the defensive player hits the offensive player with enough force to knock him down and cause him to lose control of the ball.

One of the most popular questions in football is “What is a pancake?” A pancake is when an offensive lineman blocks a defensive player and he goes to the ground. It’s called a pancake because it looks like the player has been flattened like a pancakes.

Pancakes are considered one of the best ways to stop a play, and they often result in the defensive player being taken out of the play entirely.

What Does Pancake Mean

There are many different interpretations of what pancake means. A pancake is a flat, round cake that is cooked on a griddle or in a frying pan. It is usually made from a batter of eggs, milk, and flour and can be served with a variety of toppings such as syrup, fruit, or butter.

Pancakes have been around for centuries and their origin is unknown. Some believe that pancakes were first created in ancient Greece while others believe they originated in China. Pancakes were most likely introduced to America by European settlers who brought their own recipes with them.

Today, pancakes are eaten all over the world and there are even national pancake days! Whether you like them plain or topped with your favorite ingredients, there’s no doubt that pancakes make a delicious breakfast or snack.

Whats a Pancake in Football?

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How Do You Pancake a Defensive Lineman?

In football, the defensive line is the group of linemen who defend the area between the end zones. The main goal of the defensive line is to stop the offense from scoring by tackling the ball carrier or quarterback. There are several ways to pancake a defensive lineman.

The most common way is to use your body weight and leverage to push him backwards and down to the ground. This can be done by running into him with your shoulder pads, getting low and driving up through his chest, or using your arms and hands to push him backwards. Another way to pancake a defensive lineman is to chop his legs out from under him so he falls down.

This can be done by swinging your arm down hard on his thigh as you run past him, or using your foot to sweep his leg out from under him as you go by.

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Pancaking a defensive lineman is not an easy task, but it can be done with some practice and effort. By using your body weight and leverage, or chopping his legs out from under him, you can pancake a defensive lineman and help your team win the game!

Who Invented the Pancake in Football?

In 1975, football pancakes were invented by Bill Walsh, then the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. The pancake is a flat, round pastry made from batter and fried in a pan. It is usually served with syrup, butter, and fruit.

Walsh came up with the idea while watching his son play flag football. He noticed that when the quarterback threw the ball, all of the receivers would dive to the ground to make the catch. This got him thinking about how he could create an offensive play that would allow his players to stay on their feet and avoid getting tackled.

He eventually came up with the concept of the pancake block, where an offensive lineman blocks a defensive player by flattening them like a pancake. This allows the receiver to stay on their feet and make a catch without being tackled. The 49ers were one of the first teams to implement this new blocking technique and it quickly became popular around the league.

Today, almost every team uses some form of pancake blocking to help their receivers stay on their feet and make catches.

How Do You Not Get Pancakes in Football?

In football, the main objective is to score touchdowns by getting the ball into the end zone. However, if you were to simply kick the ball through the goal posts, it would be called a field goal, and you would only earn three points instead of six. So, how do you avoid getting pancakes in football?

Pancakes occur when an offensive lineman falls on top of a defensive player who has been knocked down. It is considered a pancake when the offensive lineman completely covers the defensive player from chest to toe. Pancakes are often used as a measure of an offensive lineman’s dominance over his defender.

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There are several ways to avoid getting pancakes in football. The first is to simply stay on your feet. If you can keep your balance and maintain leverage, then it will be very difficult for a defensive player to take you down.

Another way to avoid pancakes is by using your hands to keep defenders off of your body. This technique is known as hand fighting and it can be very effective at preventing defenders from being able to grab hold of you. Finally, proper footwork can also help you avoid pancakes.

If you can keep your feet moving and stay in good position, then it will be very difficult for a defender to take you down without committing a penalty.

Is Pancaking Holding in Football?

In short, no. “Pancaking” is often used as a verb to describe the act of an offensive lineman using his body to push a defensive player backwards and out of the way, but it is not an official football term, and there is no rule against it. The pancake block is more commonly seen in basketball, where it is defined as “a violent block in which one player shoves another from behind so that he falls flat on his back.”

In football, the closest equivalent would be a chop block, which is illegal.

NFL Greatest “Pancake” Blocks


In American football, the term “pancake” refers to a tackle in which the defender is knocked flat onto their back. This is usually accomplished by a blocker using their body to push the defender down. While pancake tackles may not always result in a tackle, they are often considered one of the most impressive feats in football.

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