Where Can I Buy Nickles Banana Flips?

The best place to buy Nickles Banana Flips is at your local grocery store. They can be found in the candy aisle, and are typically sold in bags or boxes. You can also find them online at various retailers, such as Amazon.

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique candy, you’ll want to check out Nickles Banana Flips. These banana-flavored candies are made with real fruit and come in a fun flip-top box. You can find them at most major retailers, or order them online from the Nickles website.

Where Can I Buy Nickles Banana Flips?

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Do They Still Make the Banana Flips?

Yes, the banana flips are still being made. They are a popular candy and have been around for many years.

When Did They Stop Making Banana Flips?

They stopped making banana flips in 2006.

Banana Flip Snack Cake Recipe Tips

Order from Nickles Bakery

If you’re in the mood for some delicious baked goods, Nickles Bakery is the perfect place to order from! They have a wide selection of breads, pastries, and other treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. And if you’re looking for something special, they can custom-make a cake or other dessert just for you.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Nickles Bakery has something that will hit the spot. So next time you’re craving something sweet, be sure to give them a call or stop by their shop on 5th Avenue. You won’t be disappointed!


There are a few places where you can buy Nickles Banana Flips. The best place to start your search is online. There are many websites that sell Nickles Banana Flips, and you can compare prices and find the best deal.

Another option is to check your local grocery store or drug store. Many of these stores carry Nickles Banana Flips, and you can usually find them in the candy aisle.

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