Who Sells Herr’S Potato Chips?

Herr’s Potato Chips are sold by the Herr’s company. This company is based in Pennsylvania and has been making potato chips since 1946. Herr’s sells a variety of flavor potato chips including barbecue, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar.

Herr's Factory tour pt. 1… Potato Chips!

There’s nothing quite like a bag of Herr’s potato chips. They’re the perfect snack for any occasion, and they’re always a hit with family and friends. But where can you buy them?

Herr’s potato chips are available at most major retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also purchase them directly from the Herr’s website. If you’re looking for a specific flavor or variety of chip, it’s best to check the website first to see if it’s available.

No matter where you buy your Herr’s potato chips, you’ll be sure to enjoy their delicious flavor and crispy texture. So grab a bag (or two!) and enjoy!

Who Sells Herr’S Chips near Me

If you love Herr’s chips but don’t know where to find them, never fear! There are plenty of places that sell Herr’s chips near you. One great place to find Herr’s chips is at your local grocery store.

Check the chip aisle and see if they have your favorite flavor. If not, ask a staff member if they can order some for you. Another great option is to visit a convenience store or gas station.

Many of these stores sell Herr’s chips, so it’s worth checking out a few in your area. You can also buy Herr’s chips online from the company’s website or from other retailers like Amazon. This is a great option if you can’t find them locally, or if you want to stock up on your favorite flavors.

Whether you’re looking for classic potato chips or something new and exciting, there are plenty of places that sell Herr’s chips near you. So go forth and snack happily!

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Who Sells Herr'S Potato Chips?

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What States are Herr’S Chips Sold?

Herr’s is a Pennsylvania-based snack company that produces a wide variety of chips and other snacks. While Herr’s is available in all 50 states, the brand is most popular in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Is Herr’S Still in Business?

Yes, Herr’s is still in business. The company was founded in 1946 by Earl Herr, and is currently owned and operated by his son, Bob Herr. The company is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has manufacturing facilities in Nottingham, Pennsylvania and Honey Brook, Pennsylvania.

Herr’s manufactures a wide variety of snack foods, including potato chips, pretzels, corn chips, popcorn and cheese snacks.

What is the Number 1 Selling Potato Chip?

The number one selling potato chip is the Lay’s brand. According to their website, Lay’s chips are “made from fresh potatoes, cooked in 100% vegetable oil and then seasoned with your favorite flavor.” The company offers a variety of flavors, including classic, sour cream and onion, barbecue, cheddar and sour cream, and more.

What are the Top 5 Potato Chips?

There are a variety of potato chips to choose from. The top 5 potato chips, based on flavor and popularity, are as follows: 1. Lay’s Classic Potato Chips – These chips have a classic salty flavor that is loved by many.

They are also one of the most affordable options. 2. Pringles Potato Crisps – These chips are well-known for their distinct shape and intense flavor. They come in a variety of flavors, but the original is still the best.

3. Cape Cod Potato Chips – These kettle-cooked chips have a rich flavor that sets them apart from other brands. They are also thicker and crunchier than other potato chips. 4. Ruffles Potato Chips – These ridged potato chips have a bold flavor that is perfect for dipping or eating on their own.

They come in a variety of flavors, but the original is still the bestseller.

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5. Kettle Brand Potato Chips – These all-natural potato chips are cooked in small batches to ensure quality and flavor.


Herr’s is a popular brand of potato chips that can be found in most grocery stores. But who sells Herr’s potato chips? Herr’s is actually a family-owned business that started in Pennsylvania back in 1946.

Today, the company is still based in Pennsylvania and employs over 700 people. The Herr’s family has always been involved in the business, and they continue to be today. In fact, current CEO John W. Emory Jr. is the great-grandson of the founder!

So next time you’re looking for a tasty snack, be sure to check out Herr’s potato chips. You’ll be supporting a local business and getting a delicious product all at the same time.

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