Why Don’T Rastas Eat Pork?

There are several reasons why Rastas don’t eat pork. One reason is that pigs are considered to be dirty animals and Rastas believe that eating pork would make them unclean. Another reason is that Rastas believe that eating pork is a violation of the natural order of things, as pigs are scavengers and their meat is full of toxins.

Finally, some Rastas believe that eating pork is a form of self-hatred, as pigs are associated with slavery and oppression.

There are a few reasons why Rastas don’t eat pork. Firstly, it is seen as unclean and impure. Pork is also seen as a symbol of oppression and slavery, something that Rastas are very much against.

Finally, eating pork is said to go against the principle of ‘One Love’, which is a key part of the Rastafarian belief system.

Why billions of people won't eat pork (or why we don't know)

Can Rastafarians Eat Pork

Can Rastafarians Eat Pork? The simple answer is no. The Ras Tafari movement, of which Rastafarianism is a part, has its roots in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

As such, followers of the Rastafari movement adhere to the dietary restrictions of the Orthodox Church, which forbid the eating of pork. There are some who argue that there is no explicit mention of pork being forbidden in the Bible, and therefore Rastafarians should not abstain from eating it. However, given that the Ras Tafari movement has its origins in Ethiopia, it is likely that pork was never a part of the traditional diet and thus was never considered as something that could be eaten.

In addition to adhering to Orthodox Christian dietary restrictions, Rastafarians also believe that eating natural foods is a way of honoring Jah (God). Therefore, many Rastafarians choose to eat vegetarian or vegan diets as well.

Why Don'T Rastas Eat Pork?

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Why Do Rastas Not Eat Pork?

There are a few reasons why Rastas do not eat pork. The main reason is that pigs are considered to be unclean animals according to the Bible. In Leviticus 11:7, God tells Moses and Aaron that “these [pigs] you shall not eat among all the beasts which I am giving you.”

This is because pigs root around in the mud and their flesh is full of parasites.

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Another reason Rastas do not eat pork is that eating pork is seen as a self-destructive act. Pigs are often associated with gluttony and greed, two things that go against the Rasta lifestyle of simplicity and abstinence from excess.

Additionally, many Rastas believe that eating pork can make one lazy and unclean. So, while there are a few different reasons why Rastas do not eat pork, the main reason is Biblical – pigs are considered to be unclean animals.

Why Don’T Jamaican People Eat Pork?

There are a few reasons Jamaican people don’t typically eat pork. For one, the Rastafarian religion, which is prevalent in Jamaica, prohibits the eating of pork. Additionally, pigs are not native to the island and were only introduced by colonizers.

Consequently, they are not as easily available as other meats like chicken or fish. Finally, pigs require a lot of space and resources to raise, making them more expensive than other types of meat.

Why Do Rastas Only Eat Fish?

Rastas only eat fish for several reasons. First, fish is a clean food that does not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. Second, fish is a healthy food that is packed with nutrients and protein.

Third, fish is a environmentally friendly food source that does not require the clearing of land or the use of pesticides. Finally, fish is a relatively inexpensive food source, especially when compared to meat.

What Food Can Rastafarians Not Eat?

There are a few food items that Rastafarians cannot eat. These include pork, shellfish, and lobster. Additionally, Rastafarians abstain from eating beef or any other land mammals.

The reasoning behind this is that these animals are considered to be unclean in the eyes of Jah (God). Rastafarians also do not eat food that has been processed with chemicals or preservatives.


There are a number of reasons why Rastas don’t eat pork. Firstly, the Rastafari movement follows the dietary laws set out in the Bible, which prohibit the eating of pork. Secondly, Rastas believe that pork is an unclean meat that is not fit for human consumption.

Finally, Rastas believe that eating pork is harmful to both physical and spiritual health.

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