Why Should You Put a Crayon in Your Wallet?

A crayon can come in handy for a number of reasons. If you need to make a quick note or label something, a crayon is much easier to grab than a pen or pencil. Crayons are also great for small children who are just learning how to color.

If you have a young child with you, it can be helpful to have a crayon on hand to keep them occupied.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to show your personality, try putting a crayon in your wallet! Crayons are a great way to add a pop of color and personality to your everyday look. Plus, they’re super affordable and easy to find!

Here are some reasons why you should put a crayon in your wallet: 1. Crayons are fun! They can brighten up any boring old wallet and add some personality to your look.

2. They’re very affordable. You can usually find them for under $1 at most stores. 3. They’re easy to find.

Most stores carry crayons, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. 4. Crayons make great gifts! If you know someone who loves coloring, why not surprise them with a colorful gift?

5. You can use them to personalize things like notes or cards. A simple drawing or doodle can really make something special.

Start Carrying a Crayon in Your Wallet, Here's Why

Why Keep a Crayon in Your Wallet If Traveling Alone?

When traveling solo, it’s always a good idea to have a crayon in your wallet. Crayons are great for keeping kids entertained, but they can also come in handy for adults. If you’re ever feeling bored or lonely while traveling, break out your crayon and start drawing.

It’s a great way to pass the time and you never know what masterpiece you might create.

What is the Crayon in the Wallet Trick?

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and had your kids coloring with crayons while you wait for your food, you know that inevitably one of those crayons ends up in your purse or wallet. And then, when you go to reach for your wallet later, the crayon is melted all over everything! It’s the worst.

But there’s a way to avoid this mess, and it’s called the Crayon in the Wallet Trick.

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Here’s how it works: before you leave the house with your kids (and their crayons), put one crayon in your wallet. When they start coloring at the restaurant, hand them all but that one crayon.

Once they’re finished and ready to leave, take the remaining crayon out of your wallet and give it back to them. This way, there’s no melted mess to deal with later! This trick works because the heat from your body melts the wax in the crayon, which then gets transferred to whatever is touching it in your wallet – like your cash or credit cards.

By keeping the crayon separate from those things, you can avoid any damage or melt marks. So next time you’re headed out to eat with the kiddos, don’t forget to grab that extra crayon!

Why Should You Put a Crayon in Your Wallet?

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Why Would You Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When You Travel

A crayon can come in handy when you travel, especially if you’re going to be spending time in a place where there are no stores or other places to buy supplies. If you have a crayon with you, you can use it to write down directions, make a sign, or even draw a picture.


If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spruce up your wallet, then you should definitely consider putting a crayon in it! Crayons are not only colorful and eye-catching, but they can also be used to personalize your belongings. For example, if you have a white leather wallet, you can use a crayon to draw on it or write your name.

Or, if you want to add some color to an old black wallet, simply put a few colorful crayons inside. Not only are crayons fun and decorative, but they’re also practical. If you ever need to write down something quickly or jot down a phone number, having a crayon on hand will come in handy.

And if you have young children, they’ll be sure to love seeing their favorite colors in your wallet! So next time you’re looking for a creative way to accessorize your wallet, don’t forget the power of the humble crayon.

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